Week of Poop.

This past week was full of poop.

Corra had a poop explosions 5 out of the 7 days. 2 of which were the type the required holding her arms length away from my body, racing to the tub, get her undressed while getting poop everywhere, using my bare hands to wipe off the poo under the running water, set her aside while I sanitize everything, then fill the tub back up to wash her off with soap.  Oh and then after she's all clean, I had to go and strip all of her sheets and blankets and stuff in her crib that had gotten poop on....


We got another HUGE snow storm with over another foot of snow and highs of like 20s....


After everyone being sick I bought vitamins, made more smoothies, washed my hands more, and you know what happened? I got a nasty cold this week!...


Because of said cold I only ran 3 times last week and biked once. I am FINALLY motivated to train hard and since being motivated I keep getting hit with things that have kept me from training right....


Ames decided to not listen to me and push all my buttons this week making being a happy, calm mom real hard...


This past week was a big ol crap pile. Glad to be done with it.

Things that were not poopy this week:

-Corra is crawling! She still isn't zooming around, but she crawls a few feet at a time, FINALLY!
-Nate's team had a home meet and almost every single person ran great, it was super fun to watch!
-Nate's parents came up for a night and it's always good to have company.
-My cousin that lives up here had her baby so more family is on the way this week :)

This week was not an even picture worthy week, I didn't take a single one (mostly just cause I'm a slacker)

-till next week-